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Natty and Row, your products are liiiife! My hair is finally coming “back to life”. For years, I’ve felt the pressure to straighten and flatten my hair. Recently, I decided enough was enough and it was time to embrace my curls. Unfortunately, I’d done a lot of damage so I knew I had some challenges ahead of me. Luckily, the coconut leave in and jelly are so reviving that I’m witnessing my hair get healthier and curlier. Thank you!! Curls folks - try it out, you won’t be disappointed! x

Does exactly what it says it will

Smells amazing and creates the shine I was seeking from the product. Great for days when I require moisturizer without the oily residue.

Removed all product build-up

Though the formula is runny when compared to the typical cleanser or shampoo, this cleanser removes product and suds regardless. I found the liquid formula to allow for easier distribution throughout my head.

Long lasting softness and great smell

This conditioner creates long lasting softness combined with a great smell. I use this after the coconut cleanser. The pair complement each other well!


Definitely a firm hold, but it did make my hair feel a little more dry than other products I’m used to (even after moisturizer). I still use it though!

Makes all the difference

I personally hate co-wash as I never feel like it actually cleanses my hair. I have really thick 3C/4A hair and have always been told to "Use co-wash!" This cleanser gives me all the benefits of using a co-wash but still suds up nicely. LOVE IT!

My hair has never been softer

Every Single Thing in this kit has been CRUCIAL for turning around my forever dry hair. Literally one use and my hair did a 180. Never going back

LOVE this kit

This kit was all it took for me to decide I would never wash my hair with anything else ever again!

Addicted. Best curly hair products.

I didn't think I needed any product as my natural hair is healthy. After a recommendation I tried some curlshoppe products and now I'm addicted. I even use them on my 6 yearold daughter.

Nice and light

I ordered this coconut jelly with the hopes of gaining a little extra hold on my loose curls while still keeping them looking natural and less frizzy. I wanted something nice and light and happily got what I was looking for. My first two products from Curlshoppe are definitely both winners for me!

Quenches thirsty hair

I actually thought after I placed my first order that I had made a mistake choosing this leave in conditioner because I have fine, loose curls. However, I do spend a lot of time outside in the elements, and it turns out my dry hair really loves it! Just a small amount goes a long way to giving my hair a softer, less dry look and feel. :)
Thank you Curlshoppe!

Amazing product

I really love this product it was exactly what I was looking for. I love using it during the week to refresh my was n go styles. It makes getting ready in the morning so much easier. Xxo

Gave me defined and bouncy curls!

At first I tried the coconut soft hold but needed something a little stronger so I tried this product. Fortunately, the butter jelly gave me exactly what I was looking for - super defined, light, bouncy curls! This product does dry a little hard but all you have to do is give your hair a good scrunch and your left with awesome curls. I use this with the coconut leave-in, cleanser and conditioner.

Nice thick conditioner with lots of slip!

This is a really nice thick conditioner that’s very hydrating but doesn’t weigh my hair down, which is great. It also has a decent amount of slip and the fragrance is amazing!

Great clarifying shampoo!

Tried a sample size of this and went back and ordered the full size. I use a lot of product in my hair and this cleanser does a great job of cleaning my hair while keeping it moisturized. My only complaint is that the formula is a little runny which makes it hard to distribute through my hair.

This product makes my hair super soft!

I picked up the sample size of this and had to buy the full size when I was done. The smell is incredible (even on day 4 my hair still smells great) and it makes my hair feel super soft. I use it with the butter jelly medium hold so my curls are defined and hydrated. Highly recommend!


I do love the smell, but when I saw 'treatment' I thought it would be a rinse out... I don't rinse it out but at the same time I'm not sure if I'm using it right! I have read the instructions but all I gather is apply, comb, style! Call me silly but I'm confused

Soft soft sooooofffffttttt

This is by far my favourite product. It does wonders to every head in my house just making hair combing so much easier, and with less tears from my sensitive children

Pretty on the go!..

I loooove the mini styler kit. I originally just wanted to try out the gels for my daughter's hair type. It's perfect, it's convenient to carry with me when she gets wild-child hair on road a quick taming is possible praise the lord!

Amazing Oil

Perfect combination of oils I love using it when my hair is wet before blow drying. A little goes a long way!

Favourite curly hair product

The way it defines my curls, nothing like it!

Coconut Leave-In Conditioner great for kiddos!

My daughter (3yrs old) has mixed hair- tight ringlet curls and lots of them! I found this product is great after a wash before I comb out her hair. It helps the comb glide through the curls without her complaining of pulls or tangles. It also moisturizes her scalp in the process. I also use this product on dry hair if it needs a little refresher between washes. Everyone comments about how beautiful her hair is and loves the smell! She is super proud of her curly locks and they look gorgeous!

My favorite one so far!

I love everything about it! Rich, super moisturizing, it smells like marzipan to me which makes it even better.

It's not tacky

Provides a really nice hold without a crunch. I only air dry my hair and this is perfect, super light.


This product is perfect for my 11yr old. She loves to do her own hair and this product makes it easy for her to manage her curls and it smells Devine

The smell

The products are great but one of the containers did not have a seal on it like the others did. Was a bit worried to use it in the beginning.

Only thing that works

This product os the only thing that works on defining my 4C curls. Im hooked!


Coconut Deep Conditioner (with Mint)


Coconut Milk Leave-In Conditioner


Butter "Moisture" Mini Kit

Natural, consistency on point, no sulfates and great fragrane

I absolutely found my first leave-in.
It's incredible and works without build up
On my hair or scalp. I can't get over the fresh clean scent as well and the only down side is there's not enough product to go around, lol.

Plus, my hair literally drinks it up, I don't wash my hair everyday anymore and I use the leave in up to 3 to 4 days after washing my hair and still no build up.

Good product

The product works well. Enhances curl definition. The only negative thing I would have to say is that the product doesn't have the AMAZING scents like the other products have

This is the best product I've ever used

I absolutely love this product it keeps my hair soft and tangle free. The price is great too


Butter Soft Pudding

Love the texture

Just love it ! It's light and gives a nice hold to my curls

Butta so good

It's exactly the hydration my highlighted curls have been dying for! They're soft, bouncy and I gets tons of compliments on the scent. My only (and biggest) issue is the size of the bottle... drop that 1.5 litre ladies. ;)

Freshness for DAYS

What I love most about the products is that my hair feels so light after using them! I have a 2c-3c range in curl pattern and find most products weigh down my hair, but not these! Also, my hair still smells and feels amazing even up to four days between washes!

I originally bought this kit to try out the brand, but trust me you'll want to buy the full sizes!

The smell and the feel

I am so glad this product exists. I've been looking for a lightweight leave in conditioner because my hair is curly, but thin. I will definitely be buying and recomminding this product to friends.

Butter Jelly

It is a very good product, i like it however just my personnal preference preference when my hair gets more of a wet feeling (touch) so i am going to try the light hold to see how it feels maybe a medium light hold would be good otherwise i love it!

The fragrance!!!

My first time using this product had my partner sniffing my head all night. While at first it hydrated my hair I quickly realized that I'd need something heavier as by day two, my hair (4a-4b) was thirsty again. So I've given this product 5 stars because it was the lightest out of all the leave in's. Will definitely be purchasing the heavier one.

Not too heavy and great scent

I used this oil on my scalp, running it through my hair. Definitely a lightweight oil for daily use. Smells great too!

Great scent and great for rehydration

I didn't know what to expect with this product. But I'm very happy with it on my 4a-4b strands and will definitely be purchasing the largest size.

I loved how soft my hair felt and I loved the smell of the product

It worked really well, to keep my Curls in for way longer than my current product. It also smelt really nice and made my hair soft. I did have some flaking but I realised I mixed 2 products that weren't compatible so I tried another mix and it worked.


Best spray bottle, EVER.

I love this product! The nozzle actually has 2 settings. It smells wonderful and actually has a bit of hold to it which helps keep my refreshed curls bouncy all day!

Exactly as described, accurate and honest.

The product is exactly as described (I appreciate accuracy & honesty), and has a wonderful weight to it. It smells great and is perfect for lazy days or a good wash and go!

Coconut Wash Day Mini Kit

Love the smell of these products. It made my hair hydrated and so soft. Would definitely purchase this line again!

Butter Milk Leave-in Conditioner

This is a great leave-in, it's light but really moisturizes the hair. I'll will definitely be repurchasing :)

Butter Styling Gel

I've tried a lot of styling gels and I've always gone back to a gel I use that is my holy grail. I get the best results every time. After trying CurlShoppe's Butter Styling Gel max hold I think this will be added as holy grail product for me. It goes on the hair easily, it has a lot of slip, it doesn't make my hair feel sticky and does not weigh my hair down. I also noticed my hair dried a lot quicker that other gels I've used which is a plus. No one wants to wait hours for their hair to dry. Also for a big jar the price is great. Natty and Row you ladies have done and amazing job with your hair care line. I wish you continued success and keep making great quality affordable products. This not my first time ordering from you guys and it won't be the last :)

Love the soft hold and no flaking

Coconut Jelly is life , I can no longer use any other product to slick up my hair since I found Coconut Jelly .If you are not using this product you are missing out..


My hair never feels heavy or "crunchy" with this product and it tames my major frizz. Love it!!